Working experience at Airzone Some facts about Airzone:
Airzone is a manufactuer of digital thermostats and motorised grills.
The headquarter of the company is placed in the technology park of andalucia where products get developed and the full production process passes. Altogether about 120 employees work there in departments like development, technology, marketing and manufacturing aming at success. Airzone also has subsidiaries in France, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, USA and Marokko. In its business segment Airzone is the world market leader.

My Work
In the office of the technical department where I was deployed I had an own desk and computer available to use. At this I was able to work and connect to the internet. Most of the time I had to set up computers which became to slow or were even out of function. For that I had to try to store important data, format the hard disk drive, install and configure windows. Also I had to test some hardware from the DVD device to graphic cards. Sometimes my carer gave me special tasks like connecting a patch panel, configuring an ups (uninterruptible power supply) or locating network problems. Rarely it got boring because of being out of work.

I got the impression that Airzone is a professional working company with modern and innovative equipment. To stay world’s market leader and being in business against other international companies there is just no other way.
But in some points the perhaps typical Spanish mentality shines through. For example during install some cracks or waiting three weeks to install an UPS for the server room you think: “This wouldn’t be possible in Germany.”
Sometimes the communication with the colleagues was a bit difficult. One of the three colleagues in the office didn’t speak English, one very less and the third speaks well but he was often out on business.
But we had always founded a way to understand each other.
At the end I have to admit that I should have tried harder to learn Spanish.
Although there was no problem to get integrated. The people and colleagues were very likable so that it was a great time at Airzone.