Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía
C/María Curie 6
E-29590 Campanillas, Málaga

Contact Persons:
Jose Gustavo Torres Martin
Isabel Delgado Rodríguez

The company:
CITIC is kind of a interface between the state and big enterprises. Innovations of the information sector are proved and arranged to interested enterprises. Beyond that CITIC offers training courses within this range.

Our Practice:
In the four weeks we became a small project. One of the training classrooms had to be setup with two different operating systems. In the classroom eighteen workstations are been located. First we installed these workstations completely with Microsoft Windows XP. Therefor we provided an image of the first workstation and copied this to the other ones. After the installation of Windows we installed Linux Fedora on the other partition. At last we configured an access point and integrated the workstations in Windows XP, as well as in Fedora, in a wireless local area network.

By the Leonardo-Project we gained plenty of experience. On the one hand the linguistic barrier was overcome and we got the coworkers known as extremely friendly, anxious and helpfully. By the loose character of the Spanish a enjoyable working climate prevails in which we felt very well. On the other hand Linux Fedora represented a challenge for us, which we too care of and which we mastered successfully. Unfortunately our practical course took place exactly in a project time, so that we had to get to know many things by internet search, because our coworkers were very busy. But whenever they had time they tried to help us.