Welcome to the companies section, here you will have a detailed look at the companies, which allowed us to work for them for one month.

During the whole month, we were allowed to work in the P.T.A., a real great technological park near Malaga city. There were several aims, we wanted to achieve:

  • work in a foreign country
  • getting new social, working and cultural experiences
  • living and organizing ourselves in a foreign country
  • learning and improving our language skills
  • improving our technical know-how
All the expectations were really fulfilled, we had the possibility to work for one month in this great city and great country and everybody of the group consisting of the following nine trainees from the "Berufskolleg Adolf-Kolping":
  • Britta Schnitzler
  • Lena Sester
  • Minou Kehl
  • Achim Mayer
  • Aleksandar Lukovic
  • Daniel Hildebrandt
  • Florian Boden
  • Florian Eyring
  • Johannes Kupser
Our responsible teachers were
  • Martin Sorger, who introduced and helped us in the first week
  • Thorsten Gramse, who visited the companies and organized some tasks for the last week
In the following pages, the trainees wrote some kind of conclution about their work, company and experiences. Just enjoy...