C/ Fausto 45,
29590 - Málaga


The "IES Campanillas" is a secondary school which is situated in Campanillas, a suburb of the city of Málaga. Pupils can achieve high school diploma or apprenticeship in fields of electrical engineering, nutrition and information engineering.
At the moment about 650 students are visiting the school beeing instructed by 49 teachers.
The "IES Campanillas" was one of the pioneers cooperating with nearby companies, giving their pupils the possibility to be taught in the "Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía", an industrial area with many international successful companies. Most of them will have the opportunity to attend their necessary nine month lasting practicals here.
The school is managed by the headmaster Mr. Juan M. Sanchez Fernandez who has contacts to Germany since 21 years. The responsible person of the "Leonardo da Vinci" project is Sergio Banderas Moreno who was also our supervisor supplying us with many tasks.

Daily work:
Our working-day usually starts at 9 o`clock in the morning and ends at 2 o´clock in the noon. Most of the time we work in our office near the staff room. Every day at about 11 o´clock we have breakfast at the school cafeteria enjoying spanish food and coffee.
At the beginning we were allowed to install our own desktop PC with internet connection and printer. The first tasks we had to fulfil were replacing some older CD-ROM devices with newer DVD hardware. Only a few days past until we adapted to the new surroundings and colleagues who all were very friendly towards us.
The "IES Campanillas" has two webpages, "" (the official page) and (with information about international projects like "Leonardo"). Sergio wanted us to change some of the pages' content so we had to put all information about the educational offers for this year and to replace some images with hyperlinks. The "Euroescuela" page needed a complete redesign, which Juan Sanchez wanted us to do. We were allowed to create our own design for the starting page, he only gave us the content we had to put onto.
Another challenge Juan Sanchez prepared for us was the testing of some cameras, which should be installed for observing the surrounding area of the school.
In the main hall of the school a computer is showing Powerpoint presentations every day. We had to configure it so that it would start and shutdown automatically when school starts and ends. Additionally Juan Sanchez wanted to be able controlling it via a remote connection.