Operating practical course at Novasoft of Florian Eyring

On 03rd March 2007 I began an operating practical course at the company Novasoft in Malaga for 4 weeks.
The holding company of Novasoft is domiciled in Madrid. Training courses in various Microsoft and Cisco certificates, software and hardware support as well as security controlling of external companies are services the branch in the PTA performs. During my time at Novasoft I had one primary project. Apart from this I helped with smaller things that did not belong to this project. At Novasoft you find all current information because the portfolio of the company grows constantly.
My project at Novasoft was the configuration and installation of 3 class rooms as well as a server inclusive wiring. Two of the class rooms were developed with altogether 24 new computers, monitors and input devices and the third area had 15 Notebooks. As software Windows XP, Windows of 2003 servers and Linux Ubuntu were used. The operating systems of Microsoft additionally got the Office 2003 software pack with Visio, MS Project and One Note. My workplace was a large, air-conditioned area in that some test servers, a large work table and test equipment was positioned.
My contact person was Mr. Miguel, who spoke English relatively good. Mr. Sanchez, the executive of the IT department, was my person in charge. He also spoke English but I did not deal often with him, because I mostly was at my workplace.
My co-workers went to breakfast each morning so that I also was integrated into the team directly. The mood of the co-workers was generally good and they let me take part of it. But you also should know some Spanish words because you often push to the border of the English knowledge on both sides. During my stay in Malaga a small Hexaglot translation computer helped me to conquer the linguistic barrier.

Finally I only can recommend the operating practical course at Novasoft to everyone. Not only the work but also the interpersonal contact between me and my co-workers coined my life significantly!